For over twenty-five years, home buyers have eagerly sought out R/S Development, Las Vegas' "Custom Touch Builder". R/S Development is widely known not only for providing the best possible product at the best possible price, but for customizing its livable floor plans to the lifestyle of each home buyer.

"We genuinely work to build the best possible home regardless of the price", said Randy Schaefer, President of R/S Development. "Whether it's building a home for the first-time buyer or for the buyer who has an unlimited budget, pride in ownership is equally important to both, so it is essential that we always do our best."

And, R/S Development's best includes the "Custom Touch" policy established to offer the home buyer the ultimate freedom of choice. R/S will consider most any modification to a standard floor plan as long as the structural intergrity of the home is not compromised. Additionally, each home is backed by a 10-year home warranty protection plan and R/S Development's own Customer Service Program. The result. . .homes which are truly tailored to each home buyer's individual taste.

Secure in the knowledge that R/S consistently produces high quality homes carefully crafted to meet the needs of each buyer, you can turn with confidence to R/S Development for your next home. One of Southern Nevada's Most Prestigious Home Builders R/S DEVELOPMENT, LLC.

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